Please Enjoy The Freshest Fish Supplied Daily From The Market.

Welcome to Chidori Zushi’s homepage.
Since the opening of our sushi shop in 1957, we have been dedicated to providing the freshest and highest-quality sushi for our customers.
Please enjoy our seasonal ingredients, fruits of the sea and produce from the mountain, washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine), and sushi.
We have Japanese-style rooms for holding business receptions or banquets.
We also provide home delivery services.Please drop in when you visit Hamamatsu.


The freshest fish and seafood!
All harvested that same morning!

We set out early and select fish just harvested in Mikawa Bay.
We only select and use the freshest and highest-quality fish and seafood.
Because of its geographical location, Mikawa Bay is rich in natural nutrients and has long been considered a fertile fishing ground.
In addition, the area is rich in shellfish and seaweed. Mikawa Bay is famous in Japan for its top level seafood production.


We ensure that our preparation of ingredients is of the highest quality.
Our sushi is elegantly served in traditional Edo-mae style.

We bring out the flavors unique to fresh tuna, the delicious taste of natural fish, the sweetness of live shellfish, shimmering fishes such as mackerel and more …
Nature’s gifts from the sea are carefully prepared, presented and served in Edo-mae style.
The Chinese character for sushi “鮨” is composed of two parts: 魚 (fish) and 旨 (good taste).
So, “sushi” means “eating delicious fish.”
Elaborate and complicated cooking preparations are indispensable to enjoying delicious sushi.


*The price includes consumption tax.

Our Recommendation


Shizuoka Nigiri

Delicious fish caught in the sea of ​​Shizuoka prefecture.
Delicious tea and wasabi grown in the blessing of Mt. Fuji, “natural water”.And the skill of sushi chefs.
An original menu of sushi restaurant Shizuoka with all four beats.


Shizuoka Chirashi

When the colorful seafood and the reliable technique of the craftsman meet “Shizuoka Chirashizushi” was born on the Tokaido.
The secret is the pride and spirit of the sushi chef.
Enjoy Shizuoka’s heavens, earth, and people to your heart’s content.

Nigiri Sushi・Donburi

Nigiri sushi Regular1,320 JPY
Nigiri sushi Medium1,650 JPY
NIgiri sushi Deluxe1,980 JPY
Nigiri sushi Super Deluxe2,750 JPY
Chirashi Bowl Regular1,320 JPY
Chirashi Bowl Deluxe1,980 JPY
Tekka Bowl Regular1,650 JPY
Tekka Bowl Regular1,650 JPY

Sushi Roll

Tsuna Roll1,650 JPY
Cucumber Roll990 JPY
Picled Roll990 JPY
Fermented soybean Roll990 JPY
Pickled plum and perilla leaf Roll990 JPY
Burdock root Rool990 JPY
Tick Sushi Roll990 JPY
Nori Roll990 JPY
Inari(tofu) sushi990 JPY


Takeout Menu

We also have a takeout menu. You may bring home sushi as a souvenir.
We can customize your order based on your budget and preferences.
*The price includes consumption tax.


Inari(tofu) Sushi
990 JPY


Sukeroku Sushi
990 JPY


Thick Sushi Roll
990 JPY


Saba Bou Sushi
2,200 JPY


Chirashi Bowl
1,430 JPY~

About Us

We Have A Traditional Japanese-Style Space That Can Be Used For
Entertainment Purposes, Feasts, And Business Events.

Our space consists of 7 counter seats and 12 table-on-tatami seats for different types of events.
Only the freshest seasonal fish are served. Please drop in at Chidori Zushi if you happen to be in the area.

Store Information

Store Name Chidori Zushi
TEL 053-452-9366
Location 〒430-0929 2-11-17 chuo,Naka-ku, Hamamatsushi,Shizuoka-prefecture
Business Hours 11:30~14:00
Holidays Tuesday and Wednesday
Seating Capacity Counter: Seven seats
Japanese -style seat: 12 seats
All seats are smoke free.
Parking space 4 Cars parking space(No Charge)
※first come first serve basis.


Access Map


◆Customers Coming via Train
About 12 minutes on foot from JR Hamamatsu Station (JR Line)

◆Customers coming via bus
About 1minute on foot from Shin-machi Bus Stop(Entetsu Bus Kasai・Iwate Line)

◆Customers coming via car
About 25 minutes from Tomei Express way 2Hamamatsu Interchange” via National Route 152